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Virus Problems – Products and Services

Unfortunately, computers have become the target of hackers whose aim is to cause you much disruption. The creation and use of adware, spyware & malware disrupts the functionality of your computer and this invasion can cause you a lot of distress.

Therefore, it is very important to protect your computer from this every day invasion and ORW can assist you by configuring anti-antivirus /anti-spyware software, blocking adware, configuring your firewall correctly, checking your computer security settings and putting into place a schedule for frequent PC scans.

Our Plans:

149 GBP (for 6 sessions)


199 GBP (9 sessions)



249 GBP (12 sessions)


COMMON PROBLEM:- They are below mentioned

  • Your hard drive may crash.

  • You may suffer data loss.

  • You personal data are a target for hacking.

  • Your computer ‘freezes’.

  • You start to receive automatic pop-ups.


  • We ‘clean’ unwanted, malicious and virus infected files and programs.

  • We locate and remove all spyware, viruses and malware.

  • We make sure you have the latest antivirus updates.

  • We install effective antivirus software into your computer.

MS Office Repair & Installation – Products and Services

  • Microsoft Office provides a set of inter related ‘office’ applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint which are widely used all over the world for business and personal use.

  • Due to its wide every day use, frustration will arise if your applications do not function properly. We employ a pool of technicians who can look to resolve your problems. Therefore, contact us to see how we can help you.

COMMON PROBLEM: – They are below mentioned

  • You may receive an unexpected popup message.

  • Your Office application runs slowly.

  • The scroll down doesn’t work correctly.

  • Your Word documents have become corrupt.

  • Excel does not allow a save option.

  • Words / Images do not get displayed properly.


  • We setup and install MS Office.

  • We troubleshoot any MS Office issues you have offering solutions.

  • We look to speed up your MS Office performance.

  • We install and set up a file converter to avoid file compatibility issue.

  • We install and set up the latest drivers.

Operation System Repair & Installation – Products and Services

  • Your operating system is the driving force behind all of your computer operations and therefore it must be maintained correctly. However, from time to time, you may experience operating system problems.

  • net will look to fix your Microsoft operating system issues, potentially upgrading your operating system if needs be. There are many operating systems used worldwide and some of the most popular Windows operating systems are:

    • Microsoft Windows 7,98 & 2000

    • Microsoft Windows Vista

    • Microsoft Windows XP

    • Microsoft Windows ME

COMMON PROBLEM: – They are as follows

  • Partition and formatting of hard disk

  • Data backup

  • Driver installation

  • Third party software installation

  • Firewall configuration

  • Email configuration


  • We repair & re-install Microsoft Windows operating system (OS)

  • We if necessary upgrade your Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • We create partition and format your hard drive.

We will provide data backup.

Virus Diagnosis & Removal

Scanning your PC to check for viruses and spyware. Installing anti-antivirus /anti-spyware software, blocking adware, configuring  firewall correctly, checking computer security settings. Automatic/manual removal of the detected viruses.

PC Tune-up
Running full scans to evaluate issues affecting your computer’s performance. Fine Tuning key areas and improving speed and stability.

Internet Login Protection
Activating your computer’s basic security settings to prevent loss of sensitive data and identity theft.

Email Account Set Up
Setting up your Internet-based email account – any provider, any account. Great for new computers and novice email users.

Software Installation
Installing your Comodo products and customizing configuration for maximum security protection and efficiency.

Printer Set Up and Troubleshooting
Installing or updating software and printer drivers, checking ink levels and configuring your printer to work on a wireless or wired network.

Green PC
Optimizing your power management setting based on how you use your computer. Go green and save money on your electric bill.

Computer Troubleshooting

Checking basic hardware conflicts and providing resolution accordingly.

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